The project combines eco-friendly design, vertical structures, and green spaces.




Discover an exclusive lifestyle with Heavenly Real Estate. Currently, developing two major city projects to become the leading provider of high-end quality Real Estate.


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About Tekelhaimanot Site Project

Heavenly Real Estate and The Addis Ababa City Administration collaborate to develop the Futuristic Organic Green Vertical, a 4B + G + 30 project with a terrace multi-function apartment. Here’s what you need to know:

The project combines eco-friendly design, vertical structures, and green spaces. Its goal is to create a harmonious and environmentally conscious habitat, maximizing land usage while minimizing environmental impact.

Our Project

Our commitment to timely deliver Housing Project is anticipated to be completed within two years.

Yeka Hill Project

Experience the mountaintop of excellence with the illustrious collaboration between Heavenly Real Estate and the esteemed Prime Minister’s Office: The Yeka hill Housing Project. Here are the key highlights of this remarkable endeavor: Prime Location: Situated in the esteemed Entoto area of Addis Ababa, this creative development is expertly crafted by KH Engineering. Expansive Project Area: Encompassing an impressive 15 hectares, the initial phase will cover 6.1 hectares.

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Our values


Heavenly Real Estate will adopt several optimum construction technologies that reduce material loss, enhance quality, and reduce the construction period.


The developer of the Heavenly Real Estate houses, in its previous 10+ years of the construction business, has created excellent business relationships with a wide range of construction material suppliers. It will use this trust and reputation to secure adequate construction materials ahead following the schedule.


Heavenly Real Estate applying a new design concept known as a white and green building: Futuristic Organic Green (F.O.G.) design-wise, vertical settlement neighborhood housing development concept.


Heavenly Real Estate ensures comfort, reliability, trust, and aesthetic values during construction under its principle. The project also brings many other social benefits.

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