Tekelhaimanot Site Project

Heavenly Real Estate and The Addis Ababa City Administration collaborate to develop the Futuristic Organic Green Vertical, a 4B + G + 30 project with a terrace multi-function apartment. Here’s what you need to know:

The project combines eco-friendly design, vertical structures, and green spaces. Its goal is to create a harmonious and environmentally conscious habitat, maximizing land usage while minimizing environmental impact.
The project site spans 4117 square meters in the Tekelhaimanot, near Merkato.
It features new green and white constructions with a 70/30 modal buildings ratio. Approximately 700 residential units and hotel apartments will address Ethiopia’s housing shortage.
Business districts, public services, and tourist destinations will be integrated into the development.
Green spaces will be available on multiple levels, including the semi-basement, ground level, 5th floor, rooftop, and apartment balconies.

Key features include vertical gardens, solar energy utilization, and water conservation systems.
The project fosters a holistic environment, promoting a strong connection to nature. It emphasizes community living and sustainable urban development, setting a high standard for city center living.
70% of the building components will be prefabricated off-site, resulting in a 50% reduction in energy consumption during construction.
The project follows the principles of the Futuristic Organic Green concept, prioritizing sustainable vertical settlement and housing development.
Together, Heavenly Real Estate and The Addis Ababa City Administration are creating a remarkable living space that blends innovation, sustainability, and unmatched quality.

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